Exercising in the Fresh Air

Why we care

Physical activity has been called a ‘miracle cure’ and a ‘wonder drug’ for multiple and long-term conditions. There is compelling evidence that it has a major role to play in the prevention, management and treatment of long-term conditions, yet people living with long-term conditions are twice as likely to be inactive as those without. 

The Richmond Group is united in its commitment to supporting people living with long-term conditions to be more physically active. Our work aims to tackle barriers in the system that hinder physical activity, as well as to inspire individuals to get active in ways that work for them.

43% of adults in England

have at least one long-term health condition

and this group is twice as likely to be inactive as those living without health conditions. The likelihood of inactivity also increases with the number of conditions.

Movement for All

Movement for All is our collaborative programme in partnership with Mind and MS Society, supported by Sport England. We influence policy and practice in the health sector and the sport and physical activity sector to create the environment for our audience to be more active. We provide insights and resources to help organisations and professionals support people with long-term conditions. 

Our impact so far
man stretching outside

Exercise has been labelled as the

“miracle cure”

for long-term health conditions


of long-term health conditions could be prevented by reducing inactivity

1 in 6

UK deaths are due to physical inactivity

Physical activity can help manage more than


common physical and mental health conditions

We Are Undefeatable

We Are Undefeatable is our leading behaviour change campaign that inspires and motivates people living with long-term conditions. Our storytellers share their lived experience of getting active in ways that work for them, and our tools and resources include videos, planners and mini-workouts to help people get moving.

We Are Undefeatable has been successful in engaging its target audience:

  • It is highly relatable: 62% of people with health conditions agree it is aimed at them.
  • It is inspirational: 52% of people with health conditions feel inspired by it.
  • It prompts action: 41% of people with health conditions who recall the campaign (one in six of the overall population with a long-term condition) took actions towards being more active as a result, especially those with more severe conditions.
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2 in 3 people

living with long-term conditions want to be more active, but they face barriers to doing so.