More than 14 million adults in England live with two or more long-term health conditions – that’s one in four of us. As our population ages, this number is set to grow. Despite this, the current health and care system doesn’t work well for people living with multiple health conditions. Care is fragmented, it fails to take a holistic view of a person’s needs, and we have a system that focuses on crises instead of helping people to live well and manage their own health.

We work together to influence the government and NHS for better policy solutions for people living with multiple long-term conditions. The health system needs to reorientate to account for the growing number of patients with multimorbidity, and we have evidence-based recommendations that can support this systemic change. We believe that getting it right for people with multiple health conditions holds the key to a stronger NHS.

By 2035

2 in 3 adults

(aged 65 years and older)

will have two or more long-term conditions.


One in four people live with two or more health conditions.

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One in four: A manifesto for people with multiple conditions

Our manifesto demonstrates why the current system doesn’t work for people living with multiple health conditions, and what a better system could look like.

Read it here

We’re calling on the government and national system leaders to:

  • Support people with multiple health conditions to live well.
  • Drive the redesign of multiple conditions care.
  • Promote health in all policies.
Executive summary
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82% of people with cancer, 92% with cardiovascular disease, 92% with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and 70% with a mental health condition have at least

ONE other condition.