One in four of us are now living with at least two health conditions.

82% of people with cancer, 92% with cardiovascular disease, 92% with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and 70% with a mental health condition have at least

ONE additional condition.

By 2035

2/3 of adults

(aged 65 years and older)

will have two or more long-term conditions.

43% of adults

in England has at least ONE long-term health condition

and this group is twice as likely to be inactive as those living without health conditions. The likelihood of inactivity also increases with the number of conditions.

Exercise has been labelled as the

“miracle cure”

for long-term health conditions:


of long-term health conditions could be prevented by reducing inactivity

1 in 6

UK deaths are due to physical inactivity

Physical activity can help manage more than


common physical and mental health conditions

2/3 of people

living with long-term conditions want to be more active, but they face barriers to doing so. [JH1]


One in four people would be more active if advised by a healthcare professional.[JH2]